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Familybike Seattle


Familybike Seattle is a budding non-profit that decreases barriers to bicycling for families of all income levels.  We at Familybike Seattle believe that biking as a family increases our individual, family, and societal quality of life, while at the same time moving toward sustainable lifestyles and communities. It’s fun and wonderful…but there are many many barriers to getting out on a bike…especially with kids! And that’s where we come in. We’d like to support you on your journey, wherever it may take you, by providing experiential information on:

Programs and Activites

Family Bike Expos

Expos are a great chance to try out a bunch of different family biking setups and see what you like, try things you haven’t seen before, or talk with family biking parents. Have fun and be inspired by riding!


In depth intros to family riding, these 3-hour seminars happen once a month and are a great way to get the information and inspiration we all need to get on the road with our kids. We’ll cover safety, equipment options, hills/traffic/route selection, rain/cold, strategies for your specific situation, and more. The last half hour of the seminar is a mini-Family Bike Expo so you get to try out different rigs. At the seminar you have the opportunity to make biking goals for your family, and receive support from the group in achieving your goals. By donation, $5-35 sliding scale, these events are at someone’s house (maybe yours!), who has invited friends and community members. Childcare is usually provided.

Rental Fleet

The rental fleet is designed to give folks a chance to try out a family bike for a week at a time to see how it works in your life. Or rent one for a visiting friend so you can bike together! We have a Sun Atlas longtail, an electrified Madsen (thank you Liontail Cycles!), and a semi-recumbent tandem (recumbent stoker in front, upright captain in back…super cool bike). Our rates are $25-125/week, sliding scale (you decide what works for you).

Kidical Mass Rides

Kidical Mass is all about community…riding together to some fun location, chatting, kids playing, seeing how other parents do things, enjoying a mellow ride at a leisurely pace (no one ever left behind!) on Greenway routes.

Presentations and Partnerships

Familybike also works with other organizations to put on classes and events. Currently we have events coming up through Seattle Public Library, Cascade Bike Club, and Bike Works.

Contact Info

For more information about Familybike Seattle or any of our events, contact Morgan Scherer

Morgan Scherer

Ms. Scherer has been creatively biking her family around Seattle since 2000. She started with a recumbent bike and a trailer, added an electric assist motor, and moved through a variety of contraptions from there. Most notably, she and her two kids have used an electrified recumbent pedicab (fondly known to the family as “Bernice”), a smaller recumbent cargo trike, an Xtracycle, a tandem with a trailer-bike, a Big Dummy, and now a Stokemonkey-ed Madsen bike. Having gathered so much equipment, experience and knowledge, Ms. Scherer put on the first Family Bike Expo in 2007 in front of her home in Seattle. The Family Bike Expo has grown each year, and several families have moved to a car-free or car-lite lifestyle in part as a result of their participation in the expo.